SHF Summer Body Challenge

infohgraphic_summer_challengeWhat is the SHF SUMMER BODY CHALLENGE about?
The Sweat health and fitness summer challenge is a new and revolutionary competition to be held through winter for participants to work out and come out with the perfect summer body fitness levels. The two areas of focus will have participants select either weight loss or aesthetics training.

Who is invited to participate?
The competition is open to general members of the public and members of staff from private entities looking to take part and represent their employers.

What is in it for you?
Individual participants- Our individual participants stand a chance to win one of five (5) high end smart phones, a DSTV explorer and best of all you walk away with a stunning body to show off this summer. Corporates- For our corporate sponsors, we offer you a chance to brand your business by clothing your participants with training attire carrying your business brand. Furthermore, you get a chance to conduct an employee welfare programme for less the original cost.
How do you get in?
Participants can download and fill out an application form available on our website and submit it along with a K50.00 non-refundable assessment fee. Applications can be dropped off at our offices along Los Angeles Blvd Sunningdale next to the Lusaka Golf Club entrance.
How does the competition work?
Step 1- Screening
After the applications have been reviewed, SHF will contact the thirty-two (32) best applicants to be certified fit by our competition’s physiotherapist.
Step 2- Participation fee
Each participant that has been certified fit must pay a K1, 000 participation fees for the sixty (60) day period and grouped according to the work out plan selected.
Step 3- Elimination
Each week will see the elimination of four (4) participants who fail to meet their targets based on the judges’ assessment of team participation and personal development.
Step 4- Competition closure
The competition will close with a prize giving ceremony announcing the top eight (8) finalists and presentation of prizes to the winning five (5); four (4) being the judges’ choice and one being the people’s favourite.


• prepare people for summer
• give the ‘busy’ people an opportunity to work out
WHY SUMMER?? Because it’s when people wear less and show off their bodies!

AND WHY NOW?? The myth is to work for summer during but reality is you work in winter for the Summer Body. You will actually see better results during the winter than any other season of the year. THIS WINTER, SHF IS BRINGING THE HEAT!
• We have 2 – Categories: the Weight Loss Group & the Aesthetics Group
• To participate/ enrol fill in the enrolment form costing K50 (non-refundable)
• Enrollment forms will be circulated around Lusaka, Sponsor’s workplace, SHF and all corporate clients
• Enrolment closes on 5th June
• TV footage – every week for 15mins (highlights)
• Fitness test 10 days of cross fit and functional training
• After the fitness Assessment we will have 32 contestants
• Challenge participation fee of K1000 after successful
fitness assessment (challenge runs for 60 days)
• Eventually 5 Winners